Chloe Lister

video game designer


I worked as a Technical Game Designer at Night School Studio (the creators of Oxenfree!!) on their newest project Afterparty, coming out October 29, 2019.

  • Designed and scripted gameplay interactions in Unity. 
  • Implemented quests from narrative design team’s branching script using proprietary visual scripting tools and Unity editor tools including Timelines and Particle Systems. 
  • Staged NPCs, camera movement, and environment animations for playable cutscenes. 
  • Used Wwise to implement, update, and polish dialogue and sound effect audio.

The Under Presents

I worked as a Level Designer and Programmer on The Under Presents, an upcoming game from VR studio Tender Claws for the recently announced Oculus Quest.

  • Designed levels and scripted interactions using Unity and C#.
  • Created a level concept and pitch based on an outline from narrative designers.
  • Built out the level in Unity using existing tools and assets.
  • Scripted environment interactions in C#.
  • Made my own editor tools to streamline my level design workflow.
  • Implemented LODs to optimize my level for performance in VR.
  • Wrote detailed documentation for my designs, tools, and features.

Concrete Genie

I worked as a Game Designer on Concrete Genie, a recently announced action-adventure game created by a small internal team at PlayStation.

  • Created prototypes in Unreal Engine 4 using Blueprint visual scripting.
  • Worked with engineers to flesh out prototypes into full features.
  • Systems design for the main enemy characters.
  • Level design and gameplay interaction scripting for the tutorial level.

You can learn more about Concrete Genie here and in the interview below.


GrassDancer is a 3D action platformer where you play as a tiny bug in a world that wants to eat you!

I worked as a level and technical designer on this project during 2016 - 2017.

  • Created a 3D action/adventure game with 5 classmates that was selected for the Dare To Be Digital study abroad program in Dundee, Scotland. 
  • Brought multiple levels from concept to production.
  • Conducted playtests and used feedback to iterate on content.
  • Established and documented a level design workflow for other designers.
  • Designed a concise tutorial specifically for use in a festival setting.
  • Designed and programmed all UI.

GrassDancer was created in Abertay University's Dare To Be Digital competitition and shown at the SXSW Student Showcase.

Game Jams

I love game jams as a way to push myself to make new and fun prototypes with my friends! Here are some examples I’m particularly proud of :)

The Daguerreotype Process

The Daguerreotype Process is a game made by myself and four other students hosted by USC and the Getty Center, a museum in Los Angeles. The theme of the jam was to make a playful experience that would help museum-goers look at the art in a different way.

Daguerreotypes were the first step toward photography as we know it today, and were made by making a silver plate light-sensitive and then exposing and developing it. My group chose to make a game that would teach people about that process in a playful, engaging way. Over the course of the game, the player creates and develops a "daguerreotype selfie."

The game won first place at the Getty/USC game jam where it was created.

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Your Network Is Your Net Worth is a word association puzzle game about using business phrases and Silicone Valley-type buzzwords to successfully "network" and gain professional contacts' business cards.

The game was initially created at the Global Game Jam 2016, where it won a judge's choice award. After further development and polish, it was selected to be shown at LA Zine Fest's interactive media showcase, Playdate.