Chloe Lister

video game designer

Game Jams

I love game jams as a way to push myself to make new and fun prototypes with my friends! Here are some examples I’m particularly proud of :)

The Daguerreotype Process

The Daguerreotype Process is a game made by myself and four other students hosted by USC and the Getty Center, a museum in Los Angeles. The theme of the jam was to make a playful experience that would help museum-goers look at the art in a different way.

Daguerreotypes were the first step toward photography as we know it today, and were made by making a silver plate light-sensitive and then exposing and developing it. My group chose to make a game that would teach people about that process in a playful, engaging way. Over the course of the game, the player creates and develops a "daguerreotype selfie."

The game won first place at the Getty/USC game jam where it was created.

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Your Network Is Your Net Worth is a word association puzzle game about using business phrases and Silicone Valley-type buzzwords to successfully "network" and gain professional contacts' business cards.

The game was initially created at the Global Game Jam 2016, where it won a judge's choice award. After further development and polish, it was selected to be shown at LA Zine Fest's interactive media showcase, Playdate.